Viva La Rock European Tour: (Second Leg) Round 2


So Far for UK

June 2 Nightclub Kolis, London
June 3 Anvil, Bournemouth
June 5 The Patriot, Crumlin
June 6 Iron Road, Evesham
June 7 Rebellion, Manchester
June 8 Corporation, Sheffield
June 9 Cairn Hotel, Carrbridge
June 10 Trillians, Newcastle

ROUND 2 with the Marco Mendoza Trio!


Pic by IPphoto

Tour Announcement…..Coming Soon

Lots of stuff going on behind the scenes right now…..Looking forward to sharing it with ya’ll! 🙂

Viva La Rock Round 2?

Pic by Jakub Muxoll

Home for a bit!

Home for a bit!

While I’m home there will be lots of work in the studio coming up…Some New Videos, New Songs and some New Side Projects on the go!

Very grateful for all the support and looking forward to sharing some cool stuff with ya’ll. 🙂

Great Picture by the very talented Anca Coleasa from the Viva La Rock Show in Bucharest, Romania 🙂

Viva La Rock: That’s a Wrap

Thats a wrap for the Viva La Rock Tour!!

Some exciting news on the way very soon…..Stay Tuned 🙂

Pic by: Jakub Muxoll Photography


5 shows left in Germany for the Viva La Rock Tour!

Been a blast and also got some very big news to announce very soon!

Watch this space!

Photo by the incredibly talented Marc Mennigmann

Viva La Rock: Tour Update 2

Thank you Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia! Germany we will see you again before the tour is over but, tonight we play in Timisoara, Romania! Very grateful to working with these two cool cats, Marco and Micky.

Hungary, Bulgaria and Germany you’re up next!

Photo by the AWESOME Jakob Muxoll

Jakob Muxoll Photography


European Tour Update

1 week of the Viva La Rock Tour completed and another 3 weeks to go.

So far it’s been kickass! Was great to see Jared James Nichols side stage in London last night. Great to catch up with this dude again!

Tomorrow we play in Reichenbach!

This Friday….Viva La Rock!

The Marco Mendoza Viva La Rock Tour starts this Friday People! Gonna be kicking it off in Zülpich, Germany this Friday at Live Proberaum!

Very much looking forward to hitting the road with Mr Mendoza and my good pal Micky Crystal. Both monster players!

Stay tuned!

Germany, Ireland, Scotland, England. Denmark, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania here we come!


Photo By Midnight Photo

Marco Mendoza Viva La Rock European Tour 2018

Soooo….I will be heading out with Mr Marco Mendoza in February to promote his new record “Viva La Rock”. Looking forward to making some noise with this fella and touring Europe once again!

Coming Soon!

Working on some new ideas right now before heading out on the road. Tour and Announcement and more coming very soon!

European Tour?


Photo By Vassago Photographie

All the best to ya’ll!

Just want to wish you all a Happy and safe New Year! This year has been pretty crazy and so here’s to 2018!

Some cool things coming up very soon…stay tuned!

Photo by Vassago Photogrophie!


A New Year Coming up!

What a mental year 2017 has been!

I’m very grateful for all the opportunities and would like to thank everyone inolved.

NAMM Show 2018 Up next!

Some more a announcements to follow very soon 🙂

(Photo by Mr Crash)

Thank you!

Well that was a great Tour! A big night in Bucharest at Fratelli Studios to finish it off!

Thank you to everyone who came out to watch the shows in Holland, France and Romania….it’s been a lot of fun 🙂

Until next time…Cheers Europe!

Photo Taken by Fratelli Studios

Bumblefoot Tour: Round 2 Romania!

Well……Holland and France was an experience! Thank you to everyone who came out to see the show! Just landed in Timisoara for tonights show at Reflecktor Club. Romania here we go again!

(Sorry for the slow update…Lots of travelling going down!).

European Tour 2017

So as of last Friday Misanthropy are now back with their new EP ‘Foot of the Mountain’. It’s been 2 years in the making but, finally the EP is out! I’m very proud of this and really appreciate all of the support from Misanthropy fans so far.

In other news it was a year ago that I released my ‘Abnormal’ drum cover by Bumblefoot and since then I’ve played shows in the UK, USA and Romania. Up next is Europe and we head out on the road with Thank you Scientist this time.

Happy days! More updates to follow from the road. 🙂

On the Road: Update

Well the last few weeks have been a little bit mental!

Last Friday I was a guest at “Shot through the Heart” in London and finally got to make some noise with my new friend Ben Christo from Sisters of Mercy. (Met the guy as I walked on stage!)

After that very long weekend I got a call Monday saying Misanthropy would be supporting Bury Tomorrow at The Empire in Middlesborough on Friday 27th October……and this week has been spent preparing for that show with the lads. After a great gig tonight it onto the next adventure which will be a European Tour with Bumblefoot and the Thank You Scientist lads.

P.s More European Dates have been added to the tour also…Will see you again VERY SOON ROMANIA! 🙂

????: Midnight Photo

Bumblefoot + Thank You Scientist – European Tour 2017

Next Month Bumblefoot (live band) hits the road with special guests Thank You Scientist.

Dates are:

16th November – Heerlen, Netherlands – Poppodium Nieuwe Nor 

17th November – The Hague, Netherlands – Paard Van Troje 

18th November – Caen, France – Lorient Express 

20th November – Paris, France – Le Petit Bain 

21st November – Marseille, France – Jas’rod  

More European Bumblefoot dates to be announced VERY SOON! 🙂

Of Wolves – Misanthropy

After 2 years being out of the scene, Misanthropy are now back with their new lineup and new sound.

Been writing and recording with these guys for a year and finally after 2 years in the making we have released the first single from our new EP “Foot of the Mountain”.

Released through We are Triumphant Records in LA and Premiered at Distorted Sound Magazine!

The New Chapter Begins.