The Young Newcastle Drummer has already made an impact in the world of music performing on the same stage as Jools Holland, Simple Minds, Scouting for Girls, Texas, Adam Ant, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N Roses) and the Jacksons. Kyle still continues to Tour all around Europe with various bands, one being the band “Aurora Dawn & The Screaming Skulls”.

Kyle started playing drums at the ripe old age of 6 years old and performed his first gig at the age of 9 and at only age 13 he was invited to join his Dad’s band We3Colonels. 3 years of playing in his Dad’s band had increased Kyle’s versatility incredibly and prepared for any opportunities in the future.

Kyle is currently drumming for various artists such as “Auora Dawn” (Alabama 3), Misanthropy, Bumblefoot (Ex Guns N Roses, Art of Anarchy) and many more artists and producers around the world.

Kyle features on the tracks “Feeding Frenzy”, ‘Burn it to the ground”, “Play the fool” and “Famous Last Words (Part 1)” on the album “This Isn’t Wonderland” by the band Twister. Kyle also does session work and has already performed on other albums for various artists all over the world.

Twister have supported the likes of Jools Holland, The Jacksons, Texas, Simple Minds, Scouting for Girls and recently have just supported and performed with the incredible and well respected Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal from Guns N roses. Kyle when supporting Jools Holland at 16 had met the Drummer Gilson Lavis beforehand and still till this day remains a huge highlight of his career. Kyle now 19 has managed to impress the likes of Ron Thal, Aurora Dawn from the band Alabama 3 due to him recently performing with him recently live at the 02 Academy in Newcastle without any rehearsals!